Catamyl VS


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Catamyl VS

(Cationic Starch)

Cationic starch is primarily recommended to be used in paper industry as a wet-end additive or for internal sizing to enhance paper strength, fineness, and retention over wire mesh drainage and pulp loss recovery.


The two essential characteristics of cationic
starch are:
a. Positively charged starch
    (Nitrogen Content)
b. High Viscosity




1. Paper Industries

2. Textile Industries

3. Adhesives Glue Industries

4. Glass Fiber insulation




Our product has two distinct and characteristic advantages over others:
1. Positive charge 2. High Viscosity

In the wet end addition of paper processing, this starch having cationic charge brings the anionic charged fiber and binds them together due to very high viscosity even in highly moist conditions. This binding does not allow loose fiber seeping into waste water. This effectively brings down the Biological Oxygen Demand in the waste water and reduces ETP load.


To know more download our product specifications with salient features of the product.




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Packed in 25/50 Kg HDPE / PP bag / multiply paper Bag / Paper & PP Combined bag and 800/850 Kg Jumbo Bag (PP).


Shelf Life


Six from the date of packing.



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  1. Product Specification






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