Modified Starches

Modified Tapioca Starch, free creamy powder.

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Amylox VS

Oxidized Starch

Catamyl VS

Cationic Starch

Spilox VS

Spray starch

Lakshol VS

Carboxymethyl Starch


Size VS

Textile sizing Starch

Texsize VS

Yarn Sizing Starch

Amylgum VS-15

Corrugation Gum Powder

Amylgum VS-40

Corrugation Gum Powder


Pasting Gum Powder


Pasting Gum Powder


Yellow Dextrin

         Mildex-vs         White Dextrin

Modified starches are derivatives of starch obtained by modifications intended  for specific applications to respective industries.

Physically modified and Chemically modified to suit the consumers exact needs.

Complete datasheet is available for all our products, and is based upon our method of analysis and process. You may please send feedback to us for any change in parameters required as per your needs.


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