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Mr. Anbalagan - The Journey of Success




For V Anbalagan the promoter of Varalakshmi Starch Industries Private Limited, at Papireddipatti village in Dharmapuri district of Tamilnadu the Struggle to get there has been intense. Procedural delays, age old formalities and the lack of coordination between state and central agencies has dodged the first medium scale industry in Tapioca Starch manufacturing he founded in 1997. Yet overcoming all three hurdles, Anbalagan did - by finding amicable solutions adopting the well known methods


During his course of success, Anbalagan does not fail to recognize his gratitude to a number of bureaucrats who made his successful journey possible by way of their valuable guidacnce and encouragements to undertake new ventures. He also acknowledges Punjab National Bank in relaxing some of their credit norms to grant him a term loan equal to twice the amount of his turnover.


Anbalagan established Varalakshmi Starch first in India with advanced technology from abroad and imported machinery.  Its products sets new standards in the region.  The Company expanded into manufacturing value added products widely used in Paper Manufacturing Industry.



The Venture is a boon to poor farmers in remote, rural and hilly areas, as the company procures their agricultural produce, paying them a remunerative and fair price. It also generates employment in those areas, enabling crop cultivation in barren rain fed hilly tracks, besides achieving 100% utilization of industrial waste water, converting into by-products such as Bio-gas, substantially reducing the green-house gas effect.




Matching the Products to International Standards


Anbalagan's Vision for the Future



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