Amylox VS


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Amylox VS

(Oxidized Starch)

Amylox VS is specially developed for high speed film / metering size press through which white paper for writing, printing and Xerox (map litho) papers are made. 





1.Paper Industries
2.Textile Industries
4.Pharmaceutical industries




It also has good penetrating capacity inside the paper layer which increases the strength and smoothness of paper.

It gives almost zero porosity during surface sizing due to uniform thin film formation. (Based on paper thickness, 20 40 kg of this cooked starch can be applied over 40,000 m2 area of paper without porosity).

Due to clear and transparent paste, the whiteness and sheen of paper is not affected.

It has good runnability due to its free flowing nature and do not cause splashing in the size press. It has stable viscosity and very low rate of retro gradation of the paste above 40 C.


To know more download our product specifications with salient features of the product.



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Packed in 25/50 Kg HDPE / PP bag / multiply paper Bag / Paper & PP Combined bag and 700/800/850 Kg Jumbo Bag (PP).



Shelf Life


Six Months from the date of packing.


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1. Product Specification




Why Amylox?

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